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>> Drive to Cameron Corner? From Broken Hill, two great adventures await! Sturt's Route or Along the Dingo Fence.

>> Looking for an adventure after the Darling River RunDarling River Run? How about the Bourke > Tibooburra > Broken Hill tour.

>> With Broken Hill as your base, the NEW Watershed Loop connects the Darling River to the Corner Country.

Driving to Tibooburra

Iconic Tibooburra, in the far north-western corner (Cameron Corner) of New South Wales, and while it may be isolated to some, it is the true outback and the stuff of legends, explorers and country hospitality.

Tibooburra is 335 km north of Broken Hill, 1504 km north-west of Sydney, 900 km from Adelaide. It seems so isolated and yet it is full of friendliness and activity.

Driving Sydney to Tibooburra

While it may be on the other side of the state, driving from Sydney to the Corner Country is a real adventure which way you choose. There are easy and direct routes as well as ones along the road less travelled.

There is the route via Broken Hill (See Driving to Broken Hill) as well as out via the Hunter, along the Kamilaroi Highway to Bourke before heading further west to Wanaaring and into Tibooburra.

A great route, mixing up the ease of the highways with a bit of back-country touring is the route via White Cliffs (unsealed roads)


Kamilaroi Highway - Bourke - Wanaaring

While not the most obvious way to head to the outback, going via the Hunter Valley avoids the often congested Blue Mountains route and provides the opportunity to experience the Hunter Valley Wine Region.

Joining up with the Kamilaroi Highway it is a wonderful drive west through the western slopes and onto Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke. Bourke is a great stopover for a day or two with so much on offer for the traveller.

The run west to Tibooburra from Bourke is via Wanaaring and Sturt National Park (unsealed road).


  • Sydney <> Newcastle <> Muswellbrook <> Narrabri <> Brewarrina <> Bourke <> Wannaaring <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,347km

Dubbo - Barrier Highway - White Cliffs

This route follows much of the direct route to Broken Hill but diverts at Wilcannia.

The route via Dubbo can include a stopover at the world-famous Blue Mountains.

For those who have not experienced the majestic Blue Mountains, the area offers a perfect stopover for a day or two exploring Echo Point, the Three Sisters, and Wentworth Falls.

From the Blue Mountains, the route heads out to Mudgee via the Castlereagh Hwy and onto the Nyngan via the Mitchell Highway before heading west along the Barrier Highway to Wilcannia then heading north to White Cliffs then through the backcountry to join up with the Silver City Highway just north of Packsaddle - worth a slight backtrack to experience the iconic roadhouse. From Packsaddle, it is a straight run north to Tibooburra.


  • Sydney <> Mudgee <> Dubbo <> Nyngan <> Wilcannia <> White Cliffs <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,292km

Driving Melbourne to Tibooburra

Driving from Melbourne to the Corner Country offers two great (main) alternatives with one going the most direct and with the most highway driving, or there is one along the ‘road less travelled’ (unsealed roads).

The most direct is via Mildura, Wentworth, and Broken Hill.

While the adventure route is via Echuca, the Long Paddock to Wilcannia, onto White Cliffs and through the back-country to Tibooburra.


The Long Paddock - White Cliffs

This great touring route takes in the Murray River at Echuca (a wonderful stopover), before joining the start of the Cobb Highway at Moama and running up through Mathoura, Deniliquin, Wanganella, Booroorban, Hay, Booligal, Ivanhoe, and Wilcannia. From Wilcannia, the route to the Corner Country is via the opal mining town of White Cliffs before heading through the back-country to Packsaddle and then north along the Silver City Highway to Tibooburra

Echuca is one of those destinations that everyone should put on their list of places to experience. The Port of Echuca is Australia’s paddleboat capital and one of the best places to experience the Murray River. The history of the river and its contribution to opening up the pastoral country has been beautifully preserved and showcases the majestic nature of this region. A wonderful way to start (or finish) a journey along The Long Paddock.


  • Melbourne <> Echuca <> Deniliquin <> Hay <> Ivanhoe <> Wilcannia <> White Cliffs <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,160km

The Silver City Highway

The Calder Highway route is the most direct route to Tibooburra from Melbourne and allows the traveller to experience a pleasant drive through the Western Districts of Victoria, up through the Mallee, onto Mildura, then following the Murray westward to Wentworth (where the Murray and Darling Rivers meet) before joining the Silver City Highway for the run-up to Tibooburra via Broken Hill and Packsaddle.

As a great sidetrack, Lake Mungo is easily accessed from Wentworth and then across to the Darling River, up to Menindee then across to the Silver City, before continuing up the Silver City Highway to Tibooburra.


  • Melbourne <> Mildura <> Wentworth <> Broken Hill <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,170km

Driving Brisbane to Tibooburra

There are two great touring route options when driving from Brisbane to the Corner Country, it really depends on what you want to see along the way.

The most direct route is west via Toowoomba, Cunnamulla and along the Adventure Way before heading south via Noccundra and across the New South Wales/QLD border to Tibooburra.

Alternatively, cross the New South Wales/QLD border at Goondiwindi and then across to Moree and Bourke to experience the Darling River before heading further west to Wanaaring and onto Tibooburra.


Adventure Way

Somewhat of a grand tour, but one that is well worth it, the route from Brisbane to the Corner Country takes in the beautiful Toowoomba, through the Darling Downs and onto iconic Dalby, St George and Cunnamulla via the Balonne Highway.

From Cunnamulla, the route continues west along the Adventure Way through Thargomindah to the remote town (well pub) of Noccundra.

From Noccundra, it is a 180km drive south to the New South Wales-Queensland border (Warri Warri Gate) and into the amazing Sturt National Park, before continuing south through Tibooburra.


  • Toowoomba <> The Darling Downs <> St George <> Noccundra <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,380km

Back O Bourke

The route from Brisbane to Tibooburra via Bourke starts of the same as the Corner Country route above with a great drive through the Lockyer Valley and onto Toowoomba.

From Toowoomba though, the drive heads southwest to Goondiwindi, Moree, and onto Walgett, and the start of the Darling River Run.

The Darling River RunDarling River Run, as part of the drive to the Corner Country, is via the iconic river towns of Brewarrina and Bourke. Iconic Bourke is worth a stay for a couple of days and a great way to get a great understanding of the Darling River and its history - especially at the Back O Bourke Exhibition Centre.

From Bourke, the route to Tibooburra is via Wanaaring and Sturt National Park.


  • Toowoomba <> Goondiwindi <> Moree <> Bourke <> Wanaaring <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,335 km

Driving Adelaide to Tibooburra

The run-up to Tibooburra from Adelaide can be done via the Barrier Highway to Broken Hill, then straight up the Silver City Highway.

For the much more adventurous, a great adventure route is via the Strzelecki Track (Outback/Remote Driving) and across to Cameron Corner and into Tibooburra.


Barrier Highway - Silver City Highway

Not much more direct than this… but that is not always a bad thing, especially when you consider the area around Adelaide that this route covers. To the east of the where the Barrier Highway starts/finishes in Adelaide is the Barossa Valley which is one of Australia’s premier wine-growing regions.

With a straight run across to Broken Hill along the Barrier Highway, the route then heads north along the Silver City Highway, past the iconic Packsaddle roadhouse and onto Tibooburra. Just before Tibooburra, Milparinka is set a few kilometres of the highway, be sure to take the time to visit this iconic and unique town.


  • Adelaide <> Burra <> Barrier Highway <> Broken Hill <> Silver City Highway <> Tibooburra

Distance: 849km

Strzelecki Track

The Adelaide to Corner Country route via the Strzelecki Track involves outback/remote driving and should be undertaken by, or with, experienced outback travellers. It is a real outback adventure.

The route from Adelaide is north to Port Augusta up to Hawker at which point the route can go either via the Flinders Ranges or straight along the Outback Highway - the Flinders Ranges route re-joins the Outback Highway at Parachilna – and onto Lyndhurst.

The Strzelecki Track heads northeast from Lyndhurst then east towards Cameron Corner – the route picks up Cameron Corner Road near the border and Tibooburra is 140km further east past Fort Grey and Waka clay pan.


  • Adelaide <> Port Augusta <> Lyndhurst <> Cameron Corner <> Tibooburra

Distance: 1,170km

Safe Outback Travel

Driving Outback Australia

Safe Outback Travel

The Outback is easily accessible and a safe place to travel. Like any journey, correct planning, preparation and common sense will ensure a memorable and wonderful experience.

Safe outback travel is about common sense and potential dangers come from the hot & dry summers and distances between towns & services.

The Outback experiences very hot and dry summers. Travel is safer and more enjoyable March – October.

The best advice for any traveller is.. “it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it