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>> Drive to Cameron Corner? From Broken Hill, two great adventures await! Sturt's Route or Along the Dingo Fence.

>> Looking for an adventure after the Darling River RunDarling River Run? How about the Bourke > Tibooburra > Broken Hill tour.

>> With Broken Hill as your base, the NEW Watershed Loop connects the Darling River to the Corner Country.

Drive to Broken Hill

miners memorial broken hill 22Driving to Broken Hill from any of the major east coast capitals can be thought of a long drive (Adelaide is very lucky to be in such close proximity to the Silver City), but there are wonderful touring adventures along the 'road less travelled' to really make visiting Broken Hill a real outback experience.

Broken Hill, in the far west of New South Wales, is considered the capital of the outback and the gateway to the interior of this great country. It is only a short drive from the Darling RiverDarling River (MenindeeMenindee) and should be included when doing the Darling River RunDarling River Run.

It is a wonderful service centre and the first city in Australia to be Heritage Listed.

It is that awesome!

broken hill outback resortBroken Hill Outback Resort | Unexpected luxury in a breathtaking rugged outback setting. Offering a unique combination of nature and luxury, Broken Hill Outback Resort is designed for anyone seeking quality accommodation in the heart of the Australian Outback.

Broken Hill, considered by many to be the capital of Outback New South Wales, has so much on offer for the outback traveller. For many, it is a 'must-see' stopover on the way to the iconic Cameron Corner.

Broken Hill is a large and prosperous outback city which has become a premier travel destination known for its icon artists, living indigenous culture, the beautifully evocative Living Desert Reserve with internationally renowned Sculpture Symposium.

Broken Hill also provides the perfect base for exploring the rest of Outback New South Wales including the Corner Country to the north or the central and lower Darling River.

Mt Gipps Station, Borken Hill,  Corner Country, Outback AustraliaNorth of Broken Hill - Breathtaking county in the heart of the outback and only 40km from the heritage-listed and iconic town of Broken Hill. We offer various accommodation options including private cottages, caravan sites, shearers quarters and camping.

**The following are the more common/direct routes from the eastern capitals to Broken Hill.

*** Further Below are complete guides along the 'road less travelled for the more adventure-minded**.

The following are some adventure routes along the 'road less travelled for the more adventure-minded hwen travelling the eastern capitals of Australia to Broken Hill.

Driving to Broken Hill - Route Details and Options

Drive Sydney to Broken Hill

Drive Sydney to Broken Hill

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Drive Brisbane to Broken Hill

Drive Brisbane to Broken Hill

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Drive Melbourne to Broken Hill

Drive Melbourne to Broken Hill

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Safe Outback Travel

Driving Outback Australia

Safe Outback Travel

The Outback is easily accessible and a safe place to travel. Like any journey, correct planning, preparation and common sense will ensure a memorable and wonderful experience.

Safe outback travel is about common sense and potential dangers come from the hot & dry summers and distances between towns & services.

The Outback experiences very hot and dry summers. Travel is safer and more enjoyable March – October.

The best advice for any traveller is.. “it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it